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Enter your terms above to search all past seasons of Rick & Morty. Then make memes and gifs to your heart's content.

The search engine uses the show's captions, but we're working on expanding our database and search to include the on-screen events not reflected in the text.

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Meseeks Decipher SciFi

This site was produced by Decipher SciFi. It came from love and appreciation for Rick & Morty (© 2013 Cartoon Network) and an irrepressible urge to make stuff.

Decipher SciFi consists of Christopher Peterson and Lee Colbert. It's a podcast exploring the how and why in (mostly) scifi. You should probably check it out.

And thanks a bunch to our supporter and friend Nicholas Lowe for doing our art!


Christopher (the beardless Meeseeks) wrote this site and related tools in Python using the Flask microframework. It runs on Amazon's Web Services using Elastic Beanstalk which he will tell you is a really awesome way to host a webapp, if you ask.

Can you make a site like this for [show x]?

We can, and we might. Let's see how this one shakes out first. These things can get expensive.